Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

Buy organic deodorant that actually works from Exodus CBD Oil and Hemp Products online!

For the best natural deodorant that actually works, look no further than the Exodus CBD Oil and Hemp Products selection of homemade organic deodorants. Our chemical-free deodorant combats odors naturally, using plant-based ingredients and enticing, calming scents such as lavender, cedar, and birch to keep your armpits fresh throughout the day–no matter how active you are!

More and more consumers are becoming invested in buying natural health and beauty products including natural soaps, organic shampoos, and botanical lotions, in order to maintain hygiene and promote beautiful, radiant hair and skin in a holistic, healthy way–without the harsh and damaging added chemicals from most traditional health and beauty products. However, one item that most people forget about when it comes to transitioning to a chemical-free beauty and hygiene regimen is their deodorant. Exodus organic hemp deodorant is an absolutely essential component of your natural health and wellness routine.

Benefits of Using Organic Deodorant from Exodus CBD Oil and Hemp Products

Most deodorants and antiperspirants found at the store are created with added chemicals, such as aluminum, alcohol, and artificial perfumes. These chemicals will plug your pores to block perspiration, as well as combat bacteria that causes body odor. However, these antiperspirant chemicals and perfumes can irritate sensitive skin and even cause itching, rashes, and other skin problems for people who have skin allergies.

How are organic deodorants different from regular deodorant? They take out all the potentially harmful stuff! Exodus hemp deodorant is just as effective as regular deodorants in combating underarm smells, however, we simply use all natural, plant-based ingredients to fight body odors and reduce odor-causing bacteria naturally. We also avoid pore-clogging chemicals found in antiperspirants to nearly eliminate the risk of skin irritation.

Our Organic Deodorant Ingredients

Our chemical free deodorant contains no aluminum, which has been linked multiple negative health effects. Our natural deodorants are also free of parabens, which mimic estrogen and disrupts your hormonal balance. Exodus chemical-free organic deodorant’s active ingredients include: baking soda to eliminate odor naturally; arrowroot powder, which absorbs underarm moisture; and coconut oil, which eliminates yeast, fungi, and other odor-causing bacteria. We use natural scents in place of artificial perfumes, to provide a light, not overpowering scent that lasts the whole day long.

Exodus CBD Oil and Hemp Products offers natural roll-on deodorants as well for added convenience. Our organic deodorants, just as with all our natural skin care products, are third-party tested and certified organic skin products.

If you are on the journey to an all-natural skin care routine, don’t forget that choosing an organic deodorant is of utmost importance. The line of natural skin care products from Exodus includes the best natural deodorant options that really work and last as long as you need them.

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