Testing for CBD

Testing for cbd

Our industry-leading CBD testing labs and quality control system for hemp products provides more than guaranteed quality assurance and compliance, it gives our customers peace of mind.

What sets Exodus CBD Oils and Hemp Products apart from our CBD and hemp online competitors? We utilize the most accurate and innovative testing for CBD and hemp products as well as the most effective quality control systems available in the industry. It is safe to assume, in today’s current CBD and hemp oil online retail market, that nearly 85% of hemp extract and CBD products online are not verified or fully tested to ensure that their cannabidiol oil products are truly organic, THC-free or low enough in THC to be at the proper level of potency for legal CBD and hemp distribution. The natural healing and organic health market–especially the CBD oil and hemp product industry–can be a breeding ground for false advertising. That’s why the team at Exodus places immense emphasis on taking the proper steps to ensure quality assurance and accuracy in ingredient and product labeling and the CBD testing processes.

Too Much CBD or Not Enough CBD?

When creating a batch of hemp extract for CBD oil products, there is a very distinct line between too much and not enough CBD or hemp extract. Many CBD suppliers falsely label their hemp products as containing a certain percentage of cannabidiol or hemp extract, when in fact, there may be none at all! If you purchase these misleading products, you may not experience the natural healing benefits of true CBD oil–the most you might get is a “placebo effect.”

How much CBD oil is too much? It has been proven that you cannot overdose on CBD. CBD oil from Exodus is derived solely from hemp extract, which has incredibly low amounts of THC. (In fact, the hemp plant is widely accepted from a legal standpoint, because the amount of THC in hemp is significantly lower–almost nonexistent–compared to hemp’s cousin, the marijuana plant.) However, if you purchase products that contain over 0.3% THC, these may not be legal in your specific area. We ensure that all THC levels in our CBD and hemp products are at a minimum, and that all federal compliance measures are met. This means you can feel more comfortable purchasing our hemp-infused products and CBD oils legally, without any psychotropic effects whatsoever. **Keep in mind that the laws are often changing. All our CBD testing measures ensure our hemp products comply with federal laws, but your state may have different CBD oil and hemp laws. Make sure you check the laws in your state before purchasing any hemp or CBD products online.**

3rd Party CBD Testing Guarantees You Get the Best Hemp Products That You Deserve

Whether it’s hemp -infused soaps and shampoos or CBD tinctures and essential oils, there is not one Exodus product that is shipped out without being fully tested and analyzed by an official 3rd party CBD testing lab. You want to be sure that any product you ingest or put on your body actually has the true ingredients listed on the bottle — no more, no less. Our CBD testing process allows us to fully control and verify that our hemp products are exactly what they say they are, so you can receive the maximum benefits of CBD hemp oil products with no unwanted surprises.

Many cannabidiol oils and hemp product companies have been under scrutiny and even forced to recall products as they have discovered fungus, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides in the formula. Our CBD testing labs not only measure cannabinoid potency, we check for any unwanted residuals like mold, metals, pesticides, and more. We take every measure possible to provide only the purest and best CBD oil and hemp products on the market, so our ingredient labels truly reflect what is inside the bottle.

When you shop hemp and CBD oil products online, you get what you pay for. Experience the Exodus difference with our certified 3rd party tested official hemp and CBD products online now!